Wednesday 16 March 2011


  At first I thought that I would just quietly follow the Block-a-palooza quilt along organized by Quilt Dad and not share my completed blocks on Flickr.  I didn't have a Flickr account and I had never posted any of my projects online - I was feeling a little shy, but when I finished my first block and saw everyone's starting to pop up, I thought, why not?  For the past two months I have looked forward to the release of the new designs every Monday and Thursday and seeing how everyone else has interpreted the block.  My husband has helped me choose the fabric combinations and photographed the finished results, which has made the project all the more enjoyable.

Block 1 - and my first attempt at flying geese

I found this Aunt Grace flying scottie fabric (are they flying? is it just a bow? both?)  in my mom's fabric sash at Christmas when I was looking for scraps for a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt I am working on and fell in love with it.  My mom has scotties, hence a rather large collection of scottie fabric.  Anyway, we searched for more of this now out-of-print fabric online and ordered plenty more - plus to our delight, we also found it in giant scottie form!

Block 2

This block was a real challenge - so many tiny squares!   It was also the first time I pressed my seams open.  I really liked the results and will continue to use this technique - it seriously helps with bulk.

Block 3

I was so excited to find a way to incorporate the giant scottie into this block!

Block 4 - love the pinwheel!

Block 5

I am really disappointed with this one and am still thinking about re-doing it.  It took me FOREVER to get those geese even vaguely straight and they still aren't perfect.  Also, I fear that the sashing will clip some geese tips...I may keep the center 9-patch and just make new geese...we'll see, though I do think the navy adds a nice contrast to some of the other blocks.

Block 6 - and another giant scottie!

This one is perhaps my favorite - Monica's design is fantastic!  This was the only little scrap of heart fabric that I had leftover from the hexie raid on my mom's stash, and I think it goes to perfect use here.

Block 7

I love this fabric with the playing children.  I picked up a couple of fat quarters of it at a LQS in Houston over Christmas.  There are no selvages, so sadly i don't know what it is.  I had been waiting for an opportunity to encorporate this print in one of the blocks.

Block 8 - my first attempt at applique...

I am happy with the overall result of this block, but I am still not convinced applique is for me.  I went with the zig zag stitch rather than the blanket stitch because I found that I had more control keeping the corners neat.  When I practiced with the blanket stitch, there was always a random extra stitch past the triangle corners...I think I just need more practice...

Block 9 

 FOUR giant scotties!  What more can I say?  Faced with indecision, I had to put this one up to a family vote regarding the scottie position - all facing the same direction or flying around the block? Mom, hubby and sis unanimously chose option one.

Block 10

This is another one of my favorites, mostly because of the little red flowerpot fabric which I really think makes the design shine.

Block 11

It took me a really long time to choose the fabrics for this one, as i didn't want to loose the design in the prints.  The light blue was part of my sister's surprise fabric package, which came in really handy.

Block 12

Nightmare! I hated the red fabric I originally chose because it was too light and didn't have enought contrast with the rest of the block, so I ripped the entire thing apart and started over with 8 new geese, and I was never able to perfectly match all my tips again.  Oh well, it was worth it because I think the cherries look much better.

Blocks 1-12

Block 13

This one was fun and different;  I like the touch that the tiny border adds to the center 9-patch.  I hesitated using a more suble light blue polka dot for the background but am happy with the bolder red.

Block 14

This is the dot I almost used in the previous block, and I am glad i saved it for this one.  Initially I didn't find the design particularly inspiring, but giant scotties make me so happy that I love it now!

Well, only two blocks to go...


  1. Would you mind sharing where you found the fabric online? I've found the large version, but have been unable to find the smaller version anywhere.

    Also, I have a piece of the children playing fabric but in purple. The selvage says OOTER (beginning cut off) at one end, and Michael Miller Fabrics at the other. Sorry I don't know more.

  2. First, thanks for all the kind comments on my blocks so far – I really appreciate your encouragement!

    My mom found the fabric here:
    It also exists in a black/red colorway:
    We have also looked everywhere and this is the only place we've found it.

    Also, thanks for the info on the other fabric. Looks like it's called "Scooter" by Michael Miller. I just found it on Etsy in red, but it also seems like a pretty tricky one to fine.

  3. I love all these blocks, the fabric choices are cute and go well together.