Thursday 24 March 2011

flower garden

I have it in my head to hand piece and quilt a queen size Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt.  I'm still not sure if this is an inspired or insane idea.  Let's just say i'm looking at a very long-term project... 

The center of each flower is linen rather than the more traditional yellow, and some of the hexagons are fussy cut while others are more simple.   I am going for a completely scrappy look, using any and all color combos and fabric styles and hoping that in the end everything will pull together somehow.  The plan is to use Kona Snow hexagons to connect all the flowers and to add half flowers along the edges for a straight binding.

They really are addictive - one flower leads to another and another...  I also love their portability - something to keep me busy on car or train trips.  Best of all, I can keep working on them after my husband goes to bed.  We have a tiny apartment and the noise of the sewing machine keeps him up, so I can curl up on the couch and wind down with these before turning in.

The strawberries were mine, but I swiped the other fabrics from my mom's stash.

love this Michael Miller "Trailer Travel" fabric!

More Scotties, because I obviously have a problem...

A little leftover "Freebird" from the quilt I made for my sister mixed with some men's dress shirt fabric and a sweet orange seersucker..

Michael Miller's "Springtime in Paris" - I prefer this fabric fussy cut in small pieces.  I find it a bit busy in bigger cuts, but I adore the details.

Everyone who knows me is familiar with my fox terrier obsession.

More fabrics lifted from my mom...

I have a few more flowers in the works which I need to finish up, and then I need to dig through my fabric boxes and cut up the next series of flowers.  Hopefully posting my progress here will help motivate me to keep pushing on with this project.  


  1. Love your hexies - especially the fussy cut ones! You have a great eye for color/design. I'm just a beginning sewist/quilter and haven't tried them yet... but I hear they're addictive :)

  2. Thanks! They really, really are! and not at all as hard as they look...

  3. Hello! Your flower quilt is going to be amzing! I love those small hexies but haven't tried or find out how on earth you sew them...and by hand! Perhaps I'll try that next winter with lots of time.
    Thank you for your sweet comment! Teje

  4. i love these! i can't imagine how you're doing this, but it looks fun. tempting....

  5. ive just started making hexagons theye are addictive, are you able to tell me what the scottie dog fabric is , its so cute

  6. Thanks Rachael - The fabric is from the Aunt Grace Scrapbag 2005 line. It is pretty hard to find online. I bought it here : but it looks like they have since sold out. Jen

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