Wednesday 16 March 2011

my first pillow

I am new to quilting, and there are just so many different patterns that I want to try out, but unfortunately having a full-time job seriously restricts my sewing time.  Pillows are a fun and quick way to learn new techniques without having to commit to an entire quilt.  This is my first pillow and my first spiderweb block (though definitely not my last of either!).

I used the spiderweb tutorial written by Elizabeth Hartman from Oh, Fransson! for the Sew, Mama, Sew! sew along.  Her technique uses a fabric foundation rather than a paper piecing. 

A tiny deer!  My sister makes fun of my love for baby deer in Japanese fabric...
       ...but nothing compares to my obsession with pigs!    
I first quilted on both sides of all the diagonal seams and felt that it still needed more but was worried that the center would have too many intersecting lines if I kept on going.  My husband suggested stopping the vertical and horizontal quilting just short of the center, and I am pleased with the results - much less busy than if I had continued the stitching straight through.

I added linen borders and bound the edges like a quilt.

I love this guy!

another detail...

The back is finished with an envelope enclosure and a strip of the binding to hem the opening. 

I've entered this pillow into this month's Blogger's Pillow Party.


  1. I'm a fellow block-a-palooza-er, and found your blog via Flickr. I have to tell you, this pillow is FANTASTIC!

  2. Wow! That is one beautiful pillow! A real winner!

  3. Hello! That's so so beautiful! I love the spiderweb and those delicious fabrics! You have so perfect work! Have a lovely weekend! Teje

  4. This is a great pillow. You did such an amazing job, the quilting and piecing look fantastic.

  5. Just beautiful! I love how you quilted it!

  6. Wow! Love it! You look like an expert quilter to me! ;0)

  7. Goodness - you're new to quilting? That looks just perfect. The quilting is especially pretty. Thanks for entering!

  8. I love this pillow, I would like to try one, where did you get the pattern from?

  9. gorgeous! love the colors.