Tuesday 5 April 2011

more flowers...

Work last week was beyond busy, which meant that I was not able to spend any time at all with my machine.  However I did make a little flower progress, so it wasn't an entirely lost sewing week. 

My sister discovered the world of hexes with my last post and has been sucked in big time... So, looks like I now have a partner and perhaps a chance of one day finishing this project.  Her love of buying fabric for me is already well established, so her new plan is to cut a strip off of the fabric pieces she sends and make flowers for the quilt.  I think that it will really make the quilt so much more special being a joint project (not to mention the benefits of outsourced labor!)  I will share her flowers here as she sends them - there are some super cute ones in the works!  We estimate that we need at least 100-120 flowers...

Saturday my husband and I took advantage of the gorgeous weather and brought my first to quilt to the botanical gardens near our house for an overdue photo shoot, and my flowers tagged along too.

Left over Tanya Whelan scraps from the above-mentioned quilt. (I still haven't had a chance to go through all the pictures my husband took, but hopefully I will post them this week)  I don't think this flower really has enough contrast, but I love the little rosebuds, so i'm keeping it.


Cupcakes, more cherries and Bliss dots!

This pink is one of my favorite fabrics from the City Weekend line.

Even more cherries!  I love this Mary Engelbreit cherry print.

I am linking this post up to Quilt Story's Fabric Tuesday - go check out everyone's cool projects!


  1. Love this fabric!!! And the hexies are GREAT!!! When am I going to get busy and make my own??? Love it!

  2. Pretty, pretty hexie flowers and how great to have a helper now joining you!!!

  3. Coming over from Fabric Tuesday...

    Your flowers look great! I've been wanting to make a hexie quilt too, but hand-sewing is a lot of work!

  4. I tried really hard to get addicted to hexies, hasn't happened...yet! :) Yours look fabulous!! That's going to be one amazing quilt. Thanks for linking to Fabric Tuesday :)