Tuesday 28 June 2011

Double Oven Mitt

My husband I bought a double oven mitt when we moved to London 15 years ago, and we have used it almost daily ever since.  It is now ragged, charred and in tatters, but I really love it's shape and size.  It's now so worn I am almost sentimental about it, but the time has come to move on... 

I used the old one as a template to make this new one, and it was surprisingly simple to put together - the most time consuming part was cutting the bias binding.  I have always used straight of grain binding and could really use some practice cutting bias strips...   I quilted straight lines on both the main pad and the pockets at 45° to the sides and hand stitched down the binding. 

I am really pleased with the result, but it is just so shiny and new that I hate to dirty it in the kitchen.  For the past week I have continued to use the old mitt and have just been admiring this one - my husband hasn't dared to use it yet either.  Baby steps...

I am linking up to Fabric Tuesday at Quilt Story - go check out all the projects...


  1. It's wonderful, I like the fabric you used and it's such a great design!

  2. Great oven mitt! I love the fabric but I would hate to use it and get it grubby or worse yet- scorched! As I am prone when I cook!

  3. It's fantastic! I've only ever used this kind of oven glove, it must be a British thing. I made some this weekend too but mine aren't quilted and bound.

  4. Very nice double potholder.

  5. I wouldn't dare use it either! I would just hang it somewhere prominent in the kitchen and let people admire it.