Friday 27 June 2014

Carnet de Santé

In France the carnet de santé is a very important document.  It holds all of your medical records from birth to adulthood.  You are given your child's booklet in the hospital just after delivery and are expected to bring it to every doctor's appointment throughout their childhood.  It contains birth stats, height/weight charts, vaccine records, any tests/exams/surgeries preformed on your child and a brief summary of each consultation.  Something you DO NOT want to loose! 

Anyway, it's a boring, plain, plastic government book.  At the hospital, mine came with a green cloth slipcover advertising a brand of formula.  So I used the original cover as a sort of template and made a new one much more my style! It ended up being a little more fiddly than I anticipated with all the different parts to assemble, but I am so pleased with the results - and I learned how to add snaps in the process!  I interfaced the inside flaps to add some bulk and added the inside pockets to hold notes & prescriptions. The front and back are two log cabin blocks sewn together up the spine.  I quilted on either side of the seams and then embroidered Louis' name on the front.  

Not sure how many years I have until he is embarrassed by the cover, but I will enjoy it until then...

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