Wednesday 25 June 2014

Union Jack Pillow - number two

This is the other half of a pair of Union Jack pillows I made for my best friend in 2012.  Intimidated by the invisible zipper, I never finished the pillows.  My mom sewed the zipper in the first pillow when I was home for Christmas 2012, but then we never found the time to finish the second one.  So I gifted just the one pillow last Christmas, and my mom finished off the second pillow sometime last year after I left.  So finally, one year later, my friend now has a complete pair.

As with the first pillow, I used Busy Bee Quilt Designs Victory Garden pattern.  Both pillows share a small red border and solid red backing.  I totally love the Japanese cotton/linen London print. 

Lesson learned : speedy finishes = envelope closures and not zippers!

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