Tuesday 18 November 2014

Toy baskets

I love, love, love these little fabric toy buckets from See Kate Sew.  I was on a roll and cut out the pieces for three bags and then ran out of interfacing and only had enough to finish one.  This one has proven to be a huge success so far: it is big enough to hold my son's entire Cars collection but small enough for a three year old to carry around easily.  The elastic top keeps the toys from falling out but remains open enough for easy access. He can easily grab it and carry it from room to room.  Now, I must finish up the other two - his Planes collection needs a home too!

You can't see in this picture but the lining is the blue crab fabric above.  When the bag is sitting on a table flopping open a bit, you can really see the lining, so it's fun to have a cute fabric in there too.

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